Prius Prime Cost of Ownership


Toyota Prius Prime

Prius Prime is Toyota’s most efficient hybrid vehicle to date. That’s saying a lot, coming from the company that broke new ground—and started the hybrid revolution—with the introduction of the first gas-sipping Prius hybrid two decades ago. Today’s Prius Prime leads an increasingly competitive pack with a remarkable EPA-estimated 133 MPGe. Prius Prime’s Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle system is optimized for maximum efficiency, allowing you to go up to an EPA-estimated 25 miles in Electric Vehicle (EV) mode alone.

Prius Prime’s remarkable efficiency is possible due to a winning combination of innovative engineering, lightweight materials (such as Toyota’s first-ever carbon-fiber-reinforced rear hatch), bigger batteries capable of storing more electricity, aerodynamic exterior sculpting, and dual motor drive system. Prius Prime can travel an EPA-estimated 640 miles at a go; the longest driving range of any vehicle in its class.

Of course, Prius Prime’s sporty exterior and remarkable efficiency don’t tell the whole story. Step inside, and you’ll find comfort, excitement, and still more innovative technology. Prius Prime is loaded with features, such as available 11.6-inch HD multimedia display. This generous touchscreen features intuitive pinch, zoom, and swipe gesture capabilities, which recreate the smartphone experience in the cabin—and wherever your Prius Prime takes you. Need still more cutting-edge tech? Prius Prime offers available color heads-up display. Originally created for fighter jet pilots, HUD lets you track crucial information without ever taking your eyes off the road. It’s Prime time. Let’s go places.

Toyota Prius Prime Cost of Ownership

The initial price you pay to own a new vehicle is not the same as the cost of ownership for that vehicle. The former reflects sticker, or negotiated, price. The latter takes into account the “hidden” costs associated with owning, maintaining and operating a vehicle for up to five years. These are inevitable costs, such as depreciation (every new car experiences significant depreciation as soon as an owner takes possession), state fees, insurance, fuel, maintenance and repairs, etc.

Prius Prime’s remarkable gas mileage means you’ll obviously spend far less on fuel over time than someone driving a truck for example, or a standard sedan. But how well does Prius Prime hold its value? According to independent assessments, Prius Prime fares best in its class compared to its top four competitor vehicles (including, admittedly, some other Prius models). Prius Prime earns the distinction of having the lowest cost per mile driven in the long run. Prius Prime is also expected to retain significant resale value.

Toyota Prius Prime Cost

Prius Prime comes in three models: Prius Prime Plus, Prius Prime Premium, and Prius Prime Advanced.

Prius Prime Plus: $27,100 MSRP.
Prius Prime Premium: $28,800 MSRP.
Prius Prime Advanced: $33,100 MSRP.