Prius c Cost of Ownership


Toyota Prius c 2017

With an EPA-estimated 48 mpg highway, Toyota Prius c is among the most economical vehicles on the road. But thoughts of proven Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology and savings at the pump practically blow out of the open windows—or the available moonroof, if you prefer—after you get your first glimpse of Prius c’s fashion-forward colors and sporty styling. This compact 5-seater with a big attitude is loaded with all the advanced technology you want, like Bluetooth® connectivity and highly efficient, long-lasting LED headlights and taillights—plus some tech you never knew you needed—like Pre-Collision System, Brake Assist, and Lane Departure Alert, among other advanced safety features.

Prius c is both economical/eco-friendly and fun to drive. Prius c’s modest size makes it especially attractive to city dwellers contending for parking space. With the available Entune™ Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation, you’ll find it easier than ever to locate your destination, connect with your friends, enjoy music, and so much more. Use standard Bluetooth® wireless to connect with your smartphone, music playlists and more. Out back, 60/40 split fold-down rear seats allow you to maximize cargo space, while the handy liftback design means you can load even bulky items with relative ease.

Prius c also gives you the ability to choose among several driving modes, depending on your goals. In EV Mode, Prius c runs solely on battery power for up to on-half mile at low speeds, for instance. Choose ECO Mode, and you’ll maximize fuel efficiency. Whatever drive mode you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the ride.

Toyota Prius c Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning a new vehicle involves considerably more than paying sticker price, or even negotiated price. Cost of ownership is a more down-to-earth estimation of the actual costs associated with both owning and operating a vehicle for up to five years.

Everything from fuel efficiency to anticipated resale value to the inevitability of new automobile depreciation plays a role in determining the realistic cost of ownership over time. According to independent estimates, Prius c offers the lowest five-year cost of ownership compared to three of its leading competitor models.

Toyota Prius c Cost

Prius c comes in four models, handily named One, Two, Three and Four.

2018 Prius c One: $20,620 MSRP.
2018 Prius c Two: $21,430 MSRP.
2018 Prius c Three: $22,855 MSRP.