Yaris Cost of Ownership

See how Toyota stacks up against competitors


Toyota Yaris Cost of Ownership

Stylish simplicity meets the open road with the redesigned 2018 Toyota Yaris. The new, refreshed Yaris features the comforts and convenience you’ve come to expect from Toyota, plus standard features, like backup camera and Entune™ Audio, which includes a 6.1-in. touch-screen display and Bluetooth®. Surprisingly roomy on the inside, Yaris will get you where you need to go in comfort.

Toyota vehicles are famous for their reliability and renowned for their focus on advanced safety features. So you’ll be glad to know that 2018 Toyota Yaris comes with Toyota Safety Sense™ C, standard. That’s a sophisticated suite of advanced crash prevention technologies that help keep you on the road and out of harm’s way. Yaris also comes complete with the Star Safety System, another suite of six advanced safety features, plus the ToyotaCare no cost maintenance plan. With that level of peace of mind locked in, you’ll be free to enjoy the ride, wherever you go.

Sticker price does not tell the whole story when it comes to the true cost of owning and operating a vehicle. While you could simply display Yaris as a work of art, we know the true joy of owning Yaris is unleashed when you take Yaris out on the open road. Cost of ownership includes estimated costs and anticipated factors, such as depreciation, maintenance and repair costs, insurance costs, and even anticipated gas mileage.

Historically, Toyota vehicles retain significantly more value over the long term than many competitors’ models. While virtually instant depreciation is an inevitable fact of new car ownership, some vehicles retain substantially more value over time, based on their deserved reputation for reliability, and owner satisfaction. The ToyotaCare no-cost repair and maintenance package, standard on 2018 Yaris, ensures that you won’t have to shell out for nagging scheduled maintenance costs, such as tire rotations, oil and filter changes, or fluid level adjustments, for two years, or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. That’s a win for you in terms of money saved, and peace of mind gained.

Toyota Yaris Cost

2018 Toyota Yaris 3-door L retails for $15,635 MSRP.
2018 Toyota Yaris 5-door L retails for $16,760 MSRP.
2018 Toyota Yaris 3-door LE retails for $17,285 MSRP.
2018 Toyota Yaris 5-door LE retails for $17,660 MSRP.
2018 Yaris 5-door SE retails for $18,260 MSRP.



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