86 Cost of Ownership

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Toyota 86 Cost of Ownership

Conceived on the race track, and revered by enthusiasts, today’s 86 echoes the glory of former icons like the 2000GT and the AE86 Hachi Roku Corolla. Race-tested engineering informs the sensibilities of the 2017 86 and percolates through its DNA. This is our purest sports car yet. Witness the inclusion of Vehicle Stability Control, and the ability to switch it off completely in sport tuning mode—an option for drivers who wish to test their mettle, unassisted, on the open racetrack. Toyota 86 features a lightweight body and an optimized center of gravity; made possible through savvy design and the use of cutting-edge materials.

Aggressive, sporty styling, a wind-defying drag coefficient of just .29 Cd, Rear-Wheel Drive chassis, sport-tuned suspension, an advanced Boxer engine that supplies up to 205 horsepower and 156 lb.-ft. of torque in manual transmission versions, and dynamic handling. All join forces with road-hugging featherweight design to recreate the excitement of the racetrack, whether you’re tearing through the turns at Le Mans, or delivering precious cargo to the daycare. Of course, whatever your destination, you’ll enjoy the tech, connectivity, and advanced safety features you’ve come to expect from Toyota.

Cost of ownership is a calculation that takes a clear-eyed look at the true anticipated costs associated with owning, maintaining and operating a vehicle for up to five years. Factors such as fuel efficiency, taxes and fees, financing, depreciation, maintenance and repairs, and even tax credits all impact your final cost of ownership. Independent evaluators estimate that these additional costs, often overlooked, amount to about $10,000 in addition to original sticker price, over the course of five years.

This is comparable to the estimated cost of ownership for 86’s nearest competitors. It’s important to note that 2017 Toyota 86 comes with the ToyotaCare no cost maintenance plan. That’s free scheduled maintenance—from tire rotations to oil and filter changes—for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. You also get 24-hour roadside assistance, for 2 years and unlimited miles (does not include parts and fluids, except emergency fuel delivery).

Toyota 86 Cost

Toyota 86 retails for $26,255 MSRP.  2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition retails for $29,155.