Sienna Cost of Ownership


Toyota Sienna Cost of Ownership

The ultimate family vehicle is so much more than a minivan, we like to call it the Swagger Wagon. With freshly updated exterior styling, and a roomy, inviting interior, Sienna is the perfect vehicle to get your crew to all your destinations, from the boardroom to the soccer field. Pile in the team. Sienna has plenty of room for the whole family and all their gear. A new 3.5-liter V6 direct-injection engine with Direct Shirt-8AT (Automatic Transmission) means you get enhanced fuel economy, plus additional torque and horsepower. Choose Sienna SE if you crave sport-tuned suspension and steering, and more aggressive styling. Or embrace luxury, with Sienna Limited, featuring available lounge seating and dual moonroof. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that Sienna will get you there in style, with power—and space—to spare.

Cost of ownership is not the same as initial cost. Rather, it accounts for multiple factors that over time affect your final, bottom line. Factors such as fuel economy, anticipated maintenance and repair costs, insurance, taxes, resale value, etc. While you’d probably hang an artwork on the wall, we assume you have more practical uses in mind for the work of art we call Sienna.

In short, the actual cost of owning and operating a vehicle is what matters in the real world. Sienna may be beautiful to behold, but it’s also a practical family vehicle with remarkably comfortable seating and capacity for up to eight passengers. Experts estimate that Sienna’s eminently reasonable five-year cost of ownership makes Sienna a true value, now and down the road.