Prius Cost of Ownership


Prius Cost of Ownership

Toyota Prius 2017
The hybrid vehicle that launched the global automotive eco-revolution has an enticing new look for 2017. Discover daring new lines, an inviting comfort-focused interior, and the advanced, innovative technology you’ve come to expect from Toyota. Double-wishbone rear suspension combined with an athletic stance delivers unbridled driving excitement. And, with a variety of models and trim lines to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect Prius to suit your personality and driving needs. Toyota Prius 2017 gets you where you’re going in style.

Even better, select Prius models (Toyota Prius Two Eco) get your there with an available EPA estimated 58 mpg (city), so you can spend more of your hard-earned cash at your destination, and less at the pump. With Toyota Safety Sense, standard, you’ll also travel safely. Built on the premise that crash protection begins with crash prevention, this sophisticated suite of integrated technologies helps support driver awareness, decision making, and vehicle operation.

Toyota Prius Cost of Ownership

True cost of ownership involves far more than sticker price, or even final, negotiated sales price. Rather than focusing on initial price alone, cost of ownership is determined by a wide array of factors, including fuel mileage, anticipated resale value, expected repair and maintenance costs, cost of insurance, and yes, sticker price.

Like all its predecessors, Toyota Prius 2017 is expected to retain better-than-average resale value for the foreseeable future. All new vehicles lose value through depreciation, beginning the moment you drive off the lot and continuing for years to come. For some—but certainly not all—vehicles, depreciation slows dramatically in subsequent years. Historically, Prius vehicles have retained significant value, based on dependability, owner satisfaction, resale value, and other factors. And given its remarkable fuel efficiency, Toyota Prius is easier on your wallet than just about any other car on the market.

Toyota Prius Cost

Available in a variety of trims, which can affect final cost, 2017 Toyota Prius can be yours for $23,474 MSRP. 2017 Toyota Prius c is priced at $20,150 MSRP. 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is listed at $27,100 MSRP, while 2017 Prius v is available for $26,675.

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