Prius v


Toyota Prius v 2017

Toyota Prius launched the era of the eco-friendly, full hybrid electric car nearly two decades ago. Now, it’s back to the future as Prius v advances that forward-thinking, economical tradition. Prius v makes room for more passengers—and more cargo—than ever before. With 60/40 split, sliding and reclining fold-down rear seats, you can liberate an impressive 34.3 cu. ft. of cargo space at will. Or simply load up the gang and all their gear—this family wagon offers ample seating for five with room to spare. Along the way, Prius v’s sleek lines and cutting-edge style will announce you’ve arrived. Enjoy the journey, and the attention.

At an EPA-estimated 41 MPG combined, Prius v remains an ecologically sound, wallet-friendly vehicle. And don’t worry. Prius v may look like it was sent from the future, but it’s here to stay. Prius v is easy on the wallet, to be sure, but its about far more than being ecologically responsible. It’s also about having fun—and taking the whole family along for the ride. With four models to choose from, it’s a snap to express your individual style. Of course, you also get all the comfort, connectivity, technology and advanced safety features you’ve come to expect from one of the world’s leading automakers. Prius v gives you the Star Safety System™, standard, and available Pre-Collision System, for even more peace of mind. Let’s go places!

Toyota Prius v Cost of Ownership

The true cost of owning a new vehicle is never listed in black and white on any window sticker. That’s because cost of ownership involves less obvious—but unavoidable—expenses related to owning and operating a given vehicle for up to five years. For example, every vehicle loses value, due to depreciation, the moment you take possession. Gas mileage, fuel costs, insurance, taxes, repair and maintenance must all be accounted for in order to arrive at true, long-term cost of ownership.

Thanks in large part to its remarkable fuel economy, anticipated high reliability, and robust anticipated resale value, Prius v is surprisingly economical to own, even after five years. In fact, according to independent evaluations, Prius v ranks among the least expensive vehicles in its class to operate and maintain. The bottom line is clear: Prius v is an exciting, remarkably sound, economical vehicle to own and operate—and will remain so for many years to come.

Toyota Prius v Cost

2017 Prius v Two retails for $26,675 MSRP. 2017 Prius v Three retails for $28,060 MSRP. 2017 Prius v Four retails for $29,695. 2017 Prius v Five retails for $30,935 MSRP.