Corolla iM


Toyota Corolla iM Cost of Ownership

With aggressive angular styling, amped-up handling, and sophisticated standard safety features, like forward-collision warning with automatic braking, Corolla iM is revved up and ready to go places. Active drivers will appreciate Corolla iM’s handy hatchback, providing easy access to generous cargo room out back. Cabin controls are driver-friendly and intuitive, and Corolla iM comes loaded with standard features, like dual-zone climate controls, rearview camera, central touchscreen, vortex-design alloy wheels, and automatic headlights, among other exciting features.

Corolla iM gives you what you want most, like a Pioneer stereo system and Bluetooth® connectivity, standard. Open the hatchback to reveal a large flexible cargo hold and 60/40 split fold-down rear seats, which make it easy to transport an ambitious array of gear. You also get sophisticated active safety features, like Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Monitor, and Traction Control, to name but a few. All standard. Corolla iM gives you sporty styling, a comfortable, cushy interior, and more of the sophisticated features you crave than the other guys, standard. Let’s go places.

Corolla iM is modestly priced compared to its closest competitors. But there is more to the genuine cost of owning and operating a vehicle than initial sticker price. An objective cost-of-ownership appraisal must factor in hidden costs, such as gas mileage, expected resale value, anticipated repair and maintenance costs, and even cost of insurance. Corolla iM fares exceptionally well in terms of overall cost of ownership.

Renowned reliability, admirable gas mileage (31 combined EPA estimated mpg, automatic), and the generous ToyotaCare maintenance package, standard, combine to ensure that Corolla iM is as affordable as it is fun to own. ToyotaCare is a no cost scheduled maintenance plan. It covers normal factory scheduled service for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. 24-hour roadside assistance is also included for 2 years and unlimited miles.

Toyota Corolla iM Cost

Corolla iM is priced considerably lower than some of its closest competitors. At present, a single model is available: 2017 Toyota Corolla iM with 6-speed manual transmission or continuously variable transmission and available normal or sport driving modes. $18,750 MSRP.

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